The integration of new employees must be a strategic process that integrates them into the new organization and its culture, while providing knowledge and tools necessary for new employees to become members of the team in an agile and fast way. Only 12% of employees agree that their companies have done a great job in integrating new employees. An evolving and well-organized process makes all the difference in the new contractor’s involvement in navigating this new journey, which can be stressful. SharePoint Online helps:

  • Improve the performance of new hires and productivity time (Companies with integration processes report 50% higher productivity for new hires);
  • Improve retention of new employees (Research shows that 69% of employees are more likely to stay in the company for three years if they have an excellent integration experience.)

Already using SharePoint Online? Then take advantage of this tool that makes the integration process much more interactive and integrating.

Torpedo Onboarding
SharePoint as a Communication Platform