Power Apps: Turn images and designs into apps using express design with artificial intelligence

Two new features were recently made available for creating forms in Power Apps using artificial intelligence. It is now possible from a simple sketch drawn on paper or a more elaborate prototype made in Figma to create forms in Power Apps through image scanners.

Power apps - Express Design

With the new feature of Power Apps - Express Design, it is possible, through a draft, to start developing a form to solve needs. Imagine that in a business presentation the client suggests the model or format he would like his data to be filled in, and with his own draft being able to show him something at the moment? Below is an example:

Step 1 - Design a draft based on your client's idea.


Step 2 - Go to the Power Apps website and click on the Image (preview) option.


Step 3 - Upload your draft to have Power Apps interpret your form.

Note that in this step it is possible to make some configurations.

Power Apps will use AI to try to recognize patterns and assemble the form according to its formats and distributions, however, if it doesn't understand your idea, it is possible to click on the fields and determine which field or component format that area of ​​the sketch must take.

Step 4 - Data.

The next step is data persistence. Based on the columns mapped in the previous step, Power Apps Image suggests mapping a table in Dataverse, in our case, as we are working with a draft, we will skip this step, however, like all apps created in Power Apss , it is possible to define the database at any time in the development of the solution.

Step 5 - Rendering.

In this step, Power Apps uses its components to build a preliminary version of the solution. From here, you can proceed with development by adding rules to fields and events to buttons.


The Power Apps Image is in the preliminary stage as it says on the website. However, its premise is simply brilliant. From any image or sketch it is possible to deliver a real idea of ​​the behavior of the solution in less than 2 minutes.

Author: Lucas Rodrigues 

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