Real Canvas Power Apps Examples - Example #1 - Trial Results

This Canvas Power Apps example was built for a client to replace their Lotus Notes version of trial results.

We built a system that keep track of the trial request for each product, where it was performed and what results came up from it.

We also used Power Automate workflows to automate certain business processes. This included automating notifications when a specific record is up for review.

The App allows a user to search by trial number, issuer, creation date, reference, trial date and record status.

Once a trial request has been found the user can then carry out a series of actions against it.

Actions includes adding documents, trial machine, trial date, trial results or completing/closing the item to conclude the process.

Adding trial results would then notify the issuer to approve it or reject. The act of approving would close the process and rejectins means new trial date and trial results are required, until the process is accepted.

The Power Apps is accessible via desktop computers and tablets. Cell phones can be used, but the user experience would be degraded as it was designed with larger screens in mind.

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Author: Arsénio Ferraz

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