Power Apps: Employee Lifecycle

Joiner-Move-Leaver is a key HR process in most organizations. It is the HR process for dealing with employees when they are recruited, change positions and when employees leave the organization, essentially this is the employee's lifecycle.

Challenges in JML Processes

Organizations that have not automated Joiners-Move-Leaver processes suffer from an abundance of manual work, including paper forms and constant email correspondence. People also forget that in many cases manual work increases the human error factor and therefore significantly reduces the level of safety.

Automate the JML Process

If the JML process is automated, it has an opportunity to reduce human error and also costs, as much of the work will be done automatically. One of the cases where there can be cost reduction is in the licensing of applications when a user leaves the company. When automated, the process automatically notifies those responsible for licensing to proceed or schedule the cancellation of the license(s).

Our solution

A client proposed to us to create an application to help with automation. The choice fell to SharePoint Online and Power Platform.
SharePoint served as the information repository, Power Automate for sending notifications and approvals, and Power Apps for the functional part.

Joiner example

The joiner process consists of the introduction of information by the Agency responsible for recruitment, and uploading the proposal.

Then, the Human Resources fill in the missing information and approves the data so the process can continue. The contract is automatically generated based on all the information, and sent by email to Human Resources in Word format. It may go through fleet management, if a service vehicle is required.

And last, but not least, the selection of all applications that user needs to have access. Each application manager will be notified via email with the information of a new user and what license is needed.

The Approval Process with Power Automate

For each request, an email is sent for approval to the person responsible for the process.

The approval is issued through a Power Automate workflow and will allow the approver to access the item before making a decision.

Next steps

I hope you found this article helpful, if you are interested in getting help with Power Apps, please feel free to contact me or someone on our team with any questions using our contact form.

Arsénio Ferraz

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