The Impact of Great Design in Power BI

In the realm of data analytics and visualization, Power BI has emerged as a powerhouse tool, enabling organizations to gain actionable insights from their data. While the technical capabilities of Power BI are undeniably impressive, the role of design in the effectiveness of data visualization cannot be overstated. A well-designed Power BI dashboard can significantly enhance data understanding, communication, and decision-making, while a poorly designed one may lead to confusion and misinterpretation.

Mastering SharePoint Calculated Columns

SharePoint, Microsoft's collaborative platform, is a versatile tool for managing and sharing data across teams. One of its powerful features is the calculated column, which allows users to perform dynamic calculations on data within a list or library. In this article, we'll delve into the intricacies of mastering SharePoint calculated columns and provide some practical examples to help you harness its potential.

Transforming Teams Channels into SharePoint Sites

In the world of modern workplace collaboration, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint are two powerful tools that offer seamless communication and efficient content management. One of the exciting features that have emerged recently is the ability to transform Teams channels into SharePoint sites. This integration brings together the collaborative strength of Teams and the robust content management capabilities of SharePoint, providing organizations with a more holistic solution for teamwork and information sharing.<br />  

Simplifying SharePoint Permissions: A Beginner's Guide to Site, List, Document Library, and Item/File Permissions

SharePoint is a powerful collaboration platform that allows teams to store, organize, and share information efficiently. One crucial aspect of SharePoint is understanding and managing permissions for sites, lists, document libraries, items, and files. In this article, we will provide a beginner's guide to SharePoint permissions, focusing on the concepts of inheritance, breaking inheritance, and granting permissions at different levels within SharePoint's hierarchy.

Microsoft's Stream (Classic) is coming to an end really soon

For those who are currently using the classic version of Microsoft Stream, it is important to start planning for the transition to the new version as soon as possible to ensure a smooth transition and to ensure that there is no disruption to their video streaming service. <br /> Starting May 15, 2023 no new videos can be uploaded to Stream (Classic) and October 15, 2023, users no longer be able to access or use Stream (Classic).

Benefits of using Power BI over Excel

Excel and Power BI are both Microsoft products, but they are designed for different purposes. Excel is a simple spreadsheet where you can input and organize data, perform calculations and create basic charts. Power BI offers a more sophisticated and interactive interface where you can connect to multiple data sources, create interactive and visually appealing reports and perform advanced analysis.

Did you know you can create and promote Newsletters in SharePoint?

If you use SharePoint Online you already have something called "News Digest". This can be a good alternative to MailChimp for internal newsletters that will allow you to keep your team in the loop as well as engage them with important or interesting stories by creating posts like announcements, people news, status updates and more. This means you can an email a newsletter with the content already in SharePoint without any extra work.

How to change the background in a Microsoft Teams meeting

<p>Microsoft Teams is a tool for the business market; video calls are a very important part of the daily work, and it becomes difficult to hide the view of a messy house, since most people are now working from home.</p> Microsoft Teams already had the function to blur the background, but recently added the option to change the background of the images, but how do we do that?

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