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We are thrilled to announce the launch our first set of Web Parts for SharePoint Online!

Elevate your SharePoint Online experience by accessing a collection of powerful Web Parts right at your fingertips, assisting you in seamlessly connecting the divides within SharePoint and Microsoft 365. This set of web parts empowers customers to confidently design SharePoint sites and pages, taking their user experience to new heights. With a focus on enhancing communication, engagement, and content management, these five innovative additions – Banner, Breaking News, FAQs, FAQs Search, and YouTube Web Part – are set to transform the way organizations leverage SharePoint for collaboration.

Striking Banners for Instant Impact!


Torpedo’s Banner web part allows you to make a bold statement with visually striking banners. Elevate your SharePoint Online sites by featuring essential announcements, promotions, or key information prominently. With customizable designs and eye-catching visuals, this web part ensures that your messages capture attention instantly.

Torpedo Banner WP for SPO 2
Breaking News for Timely Updates

Breaking NewsBreaking News

Stay ahead of the curve with Torpedo’s Breaking News web part. Keep your team informed about the latest updates, announcements, or critical information. This dynamic feature allows you to showcase real-time news, ensuring that your SharePoint Online site serves as a centralized hub for the most important and time-sensitive information.

Torpedo Breaking News WP for SPO 2
Centralized FAQs Repository


Simplify information retrieval with Torpedo’s FAQs web part. Create a centralized repository for frequently asked questions, making it easy for users to find relevant information quickly. This feature enhances the user experience, reduces support tickets, and ensures that your SharePoint Online site becomes a go-to resource for knowledge.

Torpedo FAQS WP for SPO 2
Intelligent FAQs Search

FAQs SearchFAQs Search

Take the efficiency of your FAQs to the next level with Torpedo’s FAQs Search web part. Empower users to find answers effortlessly with a smart and intuitive search functionality. Enhance the user experience by providing quick and accurate responses to their queries, promoting self-service and reducing the burden on support teams.

Torpedo FAQS Search Web Part for SharePoint Online
Seamless Integration with YouTube


Bring multimedia content into your SharePoint Online environment with Torpedo’s YouTube Web Part. Effortlessly integrate YouTube videos directly into your sites, making training materials, product demonstrations, or company updates easily accessible to your team. Enhance engagement and collaboration by leveraging the power of multimedia within your SharePoint platform.

Torpedo Youtube Web Part for SharePoint Online

About Torpedo

Torpedo’s commitment to enhancing SharePoint Online experiences is evident in these five dynamic web parts. Whether you’re looking to capture attention with banners, deliver timely updates with Breaking News, streamline information with FAQs, empower users with intelligent FAQs Search, or enrich content with YouTube integration, Torpedo’s web parts offer a comprehensive solution for your collaboration needs. Elevate your SharePoint Online environment and empower your team with these innovative additions. Embrace the future of SharePoint with Torpedo’s latest web part

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